Compliance Your Way

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A fully integrated & customizable Ship Compliant solution

Our Ship Compliant integration integrates all the powerful features of Ship Compliant and allows our winery partners the flexibility of creating an implementation that meets their compliance needs.

Per State Configuration

With our unique per state configurations, you can specify compliance checks and levels on a state by state basis. You can determine whether you want to simply submit an order through Ship Compliant to your fulfillment house or run a compliance check with or without address validation on a state by state basis allowing you to specify how you want to manage compliance at the time the order is processed.


Compliance Checks

For states you want to process compliance checks, we will check compliance and update the status of your orders based on the result from Ship Compliant. If there is an issue, we will update the status and also send you an email so you know there is an issue to have a look at.

Realtime Tax Calculations

Taxes are based on Ship Compliant's address level tax system. When an order is being created, we will submit the order details to Ship Compliant to create an accurate tax amount.

Easily add payments and update billing information for members whose orders were declined.


Realtime Address Validation

A simple address typo or forgetting to include a suite or apartment number in an address can cause serious delays in getting an order to your customers. If you specify, we will do an address validation during submiting the order to Ship Compliant and notify you of any potential issues so you can follow up with your customer and make the appropriate updates to the shipment address.

Realtime Product Sync

One challenge with integrating 2 different systems is ensuring product details match. We made that simple by automatically sending new and updated product information to your Ship Compliant account when you make any changes. Products and skus are automatically added to your account so you are ready to start processing right away rather than importing or creating products in multiple systems.

Shipping Integrations

Simply connect your ship compliant account to a fulfillment center and you are ready to start submitting orders automatically from Bottle360 to your fulfillment center./>




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