One Database

All sales activity online and across the platform is recorded into a single database, regardless of where or when a customer buys your product. Reward those loyal online shoppers and convert them to members, keep them up to date on events, and more by directing all activity into one funnel making that important sales data easier to access and act upon.

Custom Web Layouts

Build a site that tells your story; Bottle 360's customization tools allow great flexibility in presenting your products. Already have a site? Then our team can assist you by integrating our powerful ecommerce platform while keeping your unique style intact and your own domain.

Payment Security

Complete transactions through several layers of security including encrypted data, SSL certificates, and integration of payment tokenization. Our web-based products ensure your business is always running the latest updates.

Easily Manage Products

Quickly make changes from anywhere and at any time with our web-based technology that allows you to connect from the device of your choice. Add new wines from your phone, ipad, or computer in minutes. Restrict or promote products to club members or specific groups like industry friends. Make your wine shine with your best bottle shots, reviews, notes and descriptions that tell the story of your magic libation.

Customer Engagement

Turn ecommerce customers into fans with the portal that makes it easy for returning shoppers to place, review and manage their orders. They can quickly click on ``recreate last order`` or look through their favorite purchases of the past. Encourage them to join clubs, and utilize up-sell to increase cart totals and drive sales. Delight them with beautiful images, product descriptions, awards, and notes. Create that great shopping experience that brings them back for more.

Reduce Your Labor and Costs

Improve your bottom line with our pleasantly lower costs. Less expensive than other DTC wine software systems, you'll quickly find your labor reduces as well, with our easier to use tools for your staff. You'll encourage employee retention by eliminating the frustration of other systems that make fulfilling your orders more difficult.

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