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Great System

Their team’s devotion to customer service is impeccable. They are ALWAYS available to help and to troubleshoot and to get to the bottom of the rare issue we have with this great system. They came and spent an entire day setting up the system and training our new front of house staff on the POS.
Sara C

Easy to Use

Get the most from your tasting room with our easy-to-use point-of-sale. Part-time or seasonal staff can easily start using the system on their very first day. Responsive, intuitive, modern design, helps staff focus on converting guests into club members and loyal fans. Focus on creating special experiences.

Employee Retention

Tasting room staff will love the flexibility of the multi screen options of our modern POS. Choose from light, dark, vintage view, bottle view, or list view making it easy for staff to customize the screen to the way that works best for them. Reduce the stress of your busy tasting room and increase staff satisfaction. That employee positivity directly influences better outcomes for guests.

Multi-Location Support

Bottle360's point of sale can support your business on site and off, at special events and at multiple locations. Mobile stations and devices make offering your products anywhere much easier. Take advantage of the ability to add stations or subtract stations based on seasonal volume, events, or off site needs.

Ship From The Point of Sale

With integrations to FedEx, UPS, GSL, Ship Compliant and fulfilment houses, you can ship your customers favorite wine from the tasting room directly to their destination of choice. Entering new member's addresses is quick and easy with an integration to the Google Maps API which helps confirm accurate deliveries.

Full Database Integration

Bottle360's POS features work from a single database making it easy to track your customer's purchases and greet club members when they arrive. Pick-ups, new club members, customer notes and more information is all shared to the tasting room to faciliate smoother interactions.

Automatic Updates

Web-based software ensures our customers are always on the latest release. New product releases are included with your subscription. No expensive upgrades or long delayed improvements or features.

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