Segment Club Members

Tag club members with segmentation levels in a seemingly endless variety of ways for promotions. Execute segment-specific programs to drive sales throughout the wine club customer base. Increase targeted marketing with easy filtering for more customized group messaging. Use those settings to filter stratification levels for rewards or offers, or sort members by a myriad of types such as corporate gift and export lists.


Choose to allow customization on some clubs, all clubs or none. Flexible varieties of ways to set customization parameters, including the ability to auto notify and engage members pre-club processing. Alternatively keep wine clubs traditional without customization, to avoid surprises or unexpected inventory issues. Either practice is easy and adjustable. Whether traditional or subscription style clubs, Bottle360 delivers with settings your winery controls.

Manage Memberships

We import your existing wine club membership then let you enjoy the ease of managing those members with tools that save time, reduce attrition, and offer features to improve club runs and club satisfaction. Use a wide range of settings to create rules and benefits based on membership participation to drive club sales. Add new members on the back end, at events or in the tasting room. Flexible settings allow wineries to decide what actions members can make on their own clubs.

Club Processing

Run clubs with ease fast and efficiently. Batch process quickly in minutes with confidence eliminating mistakes and increasing retention. Pre-check processing with filters and reports for one offs, customized, cancelled, notes, and more, giving staff or fulfillment notifications pre-shipment. Easily pinpoint problem orders before they occur and automate messaging to members.

Auto Credit Card Updater

Reduce the opportunity for club cancellations and save on labor by utilizing our built in auto card updater. You set the frequency for how often you wish the auto update to occur. Eliminates those pesky and repetitive contact attempts to members to gain their new card numbers that have expired. Save labor and manual steps to correct declines.

Engage Members

Built in engagement increases your wine club member satisfaction and retention. Pre-shipment auto notifications allow your winery to drive sales and reduce mistakes. Create personalized emails that let members know of upcoming shipments, weather issues, invites and options for customization, promotions and more. Expand marketing with MailChimp integration.

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