Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. How do we get our existing customers into Bottle360?

At Bottle360 we make it easy and we can be as involved as needed.  You can use our customer templates and import your customers yourself or we can sort your customer data and import it for you.

2. Can I use my own processor?

Yes, that is possible. We are compatible with most processing platforms allowing access to most credit card processors.

3. Do I have to use your service for both POS and eCommerce?

No, you do not but it might make reconciliation easier and reduce labor. Plus you make one phone call to ask all your questions and once you experience our customer service, you’ll feel like you really matter, because you do.

4. Does your POS handle wholesale transactions and trade customers?

Yes, we can.  You can run a transaction in the back end or the POS and close it to a future or terms payment.

5. Can I add the POS just for events or as a seasonal add-on that can be removed along with the cost?

Yes, you can.  Why pay for something all the time, that you only need once in awhile?

6. Is there a contract or termination fee?

No termination fees necessary. We think you will be our customer long term because you want to be.

7. Can I segment my customers by the manner in which they visited our winery? For example, via the tasting room, a reservation system, a wedding, or event, etc.?

Segmenting your customers could not be easier.  Too many ways to list

8. Can I control whether my club members can customize their carts and vary that ability by club type?

Sure.  Customization is allowed if you want it to be, how you want it to be.

9. Can I mark items in an order for pick up and still ship some items from within the same order?

Sure.  Check the items that are picked up or consumed in an order and ship the rest of the point of sale.

10. Can we see inventory from all locations in one place?

Sure.  Our inventory tracking allows you to add and pull from all locations, including off site and wine makers secret closet. This includes reports that show all inventory across locations in one easy to see screen / report.

Bottle360 won't over charge you for flashy features that don't improve your bottom line.

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