Hardware Requirements

Choose between bringing your own hardware or we can provide a worry-free full system that fits your needs.

What To Know About Using Your Own Hardware

Bring Your Own Device

Bottle360 is a web app that runs in browsers such as Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. This includes devices like Apple, Android, or personal computers (PC's). This simple approach to accessibility allows you to operate on just about any device at any time.

Network Setup

Bottle360 is a secure web application. A standard-speed internet connection to the business is required. Bottle360 will assist with this by providing a pre-configured networking device to your business to ensure service and security reliabilities.


Printing in Bottle360 includes receipt printing, label printing and printing reports in the back office. Receipt compatibility includes the Star TSP654II and mC-Print3. Label printing integration includes the Zebra ZP450.

Site Assessment

Our implementation experts can assist in evaluating any existing or customer-provided hardware. Bottle360 also provides complete systems with hardware included, at one-time costs or worry-free, for a low monthly fee.

Bottle360 Includes These Features

Platform Agnostic

Bottle360 can be accessed from any mobile or PC device regardless of the operating system.


Web-based software is a flexible, scalable and accessible solution for businesses that need to access their data from any place at any time.

Automatic Updates

Constantly improving the software, new features and functions are included to every user at no additional charge.

One Database

All data is stored centrally, making it easier to maintain one database for Club, eCommerce and POS. Easily access all your data anywhere anytime.

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