Bottle360 Point of Sale SUCCESS story!

Willamette Valley Winery Bottle360

Bottle360 chosen as the POS for the Equinox Event

Bottle360 POS for winery tasting rooms was chosen as the best in-class software for the checkout process at the Eola Amity Hills AVA’s recent Equinox event. The event took place in the beautiful Willamette Valley Wine Region of Oregon. Thirty-one wineries, poured two wines each for over three hundred guests. To purchase bottles, a central checkout was created. This helped facilitate more efficient tastings at each winery booth, allowing wine makers to focus on highlighting their product instead of fumbling with their providers ill-working credit card devices. This also helped prevent bottle necks at the various winery booths. One winery donated their account to the event. To separate each winery‚Äôs purchases within that winery’s account, a separate location was created called Equinox 2024. Then a user was created named Equinox User. The sixty-two different wines from each winery were entered as products only available in the newly created category called Equinox Category. Furthermore, the Equinox User had its default category set as the Equinox Category on the POS. This was done so the sixty-two different wines were the only ones seen on the POS screen to purchase from.

Guests exit through event checkout

As guests exited through the full bottle room for purchases, volunteer packers brought their bottles to the four donated POS stations. Other volunteers rang up the wines on the POS from the default Equinox Category. Guests were asked for their name or email. If they were the person that purchased the tickets, their name and email address were already in the system. Once their name and or email was clicked on, an order was begun. This allowed for easy emailing of receipts to the purchaser. If a particular guest was not the person that purchased tickets with email already captured, the contact information was requested and added. This allows for contact information of each guest who purchased from a particular winery, to be shared with that winery for future marketing. End of event reports easily allowed for distribution of the money received for wine purchases to be distributed to the various wineries.

Bottle360 supports Wine Events

Bottle360 is willing to participate in tasting events as the POS provider for central checkout and for those events that do not happen to have a Bottle360 user, an independent instance of the software can be created for the event. Bottle360 is proud to help contribute to the success of wineries at tasting events. Come see a demo of our truly flexible and innovative tasting room point of sale.

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