10 Features that Set Bottle360 Apart from the Competition

Operating a winery is a massive endeavor, but with the right direct to consumer winery software, it doesn’t have to be daunting. How do you know you’re choosing the right DTC software? Well, Bottle360, our scalable, web-based platform, offers valuable features that many of the competitors don’t. Continue reading to learn about ten ways Bottle360 can help you manage and expand your business. 

1. Wholesale trade orders

We all know wholesale trade orders can seriously boost your business, taking your wine to restaurants, liquor stores, and beyond. With Bottle360, handling these important orders is easy. Our wholesale checkout feature is built right into the order management system. It works just like any other order, but allows for the ability to apply different rules, like eliminating sales tax or choosing custom tenders like Net 15. If you have trade partners, our customizable system enables you to offer them special deals and special prices.

2. One stop inventory checks

Keeping track of your entire inventory may be a complex process, but Bottle360 makes it a lot simpler. With one click, you can view your inventory in every location in a single screen, no having to click from one place to the other. From the warehouse to the tasting room to the winemaker’s special closet, all inventory locations are visible. Our software offers several features for logging inventory at third party sites, and ensuring access to accurate records of your stock. Make inventory transfers easily, add notes, user identity, and restrict or allow transfers by permissions, etc. Additionally, we support the tracking of future inventory, so customers can preorder their favorite wines. 

3. Our browser based point of sale

Downloading apps and keeping them current can be tedious, but with Bottle360, you can avoid this unnecessary step. Unlike many other brands of DTC winery software, Bottle360 is browser based. This means you can use it on any device, tablet sized or bigger, that has access to the internet. There are no application updates or expensive upgrades to worry about, and no mandatory device upgrades. The choice is entirely up to you!

4. Put orders on hold

Filling out orders can slow things down, which is why Bottle360 enables you to save the process for later. If you’re looking to ring out customers quickly and painlessly, you can begin orders on the POS system. Then, finish them later on the web dashboard. Many competitors won’t let you change an order after its submitted. However, with our software, you can go back and finalize them on the backend. When doing so, you can make any necessary updates, such as changing card information or creating shipments for delivery.

5. Club processing

We know your wine clubs are vital to your business. By using our customizable club processing features, you can tailor your club orders however you like. Simply select a club for a shipment, like bronze-level patrons, and make modifications depending on yours and the customers’ preferences. You’ll get to specify important details, like whether the customer pays shipping, or if they can customize their own order. If you choose, you can give club members access to the portal so they can make changes. You can set a minimum subtotal, determine which products a customer can pick from, assign inventory pools for orders and more. After configuring shipments for a club, you can create orders for all included members with just one click before checkout.

6. Discount management

Offering discounts is a great way to entice and reward your customers, and our software can help. Maybe you want to allow discount stacking, or maybe you want to prohibit it. Perhaps you want to specify how often a discount can be used by a customer, or if discounts are combinable. Bottle360 allows you to achieve this and more. You’ll be able to decide which products to include or exclude from a special deal. Moreover, you can create various types of discounts, such as percentage or dollar-off. If customers enter multiple discounts that are not combinable, the application can automatically apply the largest. 

7. Customer segmentation and tags

You want your customer base to feel appreciated, and our segmentation features are perfect for this goal. Our system makes it possible to group users in a vast variety of ways, so you can better target your promotions. Want to generate a list of every customer with an October birthday, those that signed up within the last month or attended your location at a wedding? Want to sort them by zip code, state, or even how much wine they’ve ordered in the past? Bottle360 makes this task smooth and efficient. After you create these segments, there’s plenty you can do with them, including creating marketing emails from within the email feature in the software. Or, take it a step further, and utilize the MailChimp integration.

8. Multiple Screen Options on Point of Sale

Tasting room staff can choose the screen of their choice that helps them run transactions in the most efficient way for their reading and viewing comprehension.  Choose from light or dark mode, list mode, bottle images, or vintage.  When the user logs in the next time, they will be pleasantly surprised to find their favorite screen style has been saved.  Staff can switch easily from screen type to screen type to help with things like glare or eye sensitivity.

9. Marketing in the software

Hosting events allows you to build valuable connections with your customer base, and with other professionals in the wine industry. If you’re looking for ways to easily publicize your events, Bottle360’s marketing feature can help. By utilizing the built-in event scheduler, you can create events and invite your customers via a sign up link, all from within the software. Soon, it will be possible to sell tickets using the software, as well.

10. Create your daily or weekly Tasting Menu

Quickly create tasting menus from the back end and send them to your printer. Copy and paste the created tasting menu to more elaborate design templates. Simply choose the wine types from your product list including their descriptions and detailed information, which auto populates the tasting menu template, rather than retyping the details yourself. 


In conclusion, Bottle360 gives you choices, allowing you to manage your winery however you like. Checking inventory, club processing, order fulfillment, discounts and user segmentation can all become a seamless process with our point-of-sale software, making our software stand out against the competition like Commerce7, OrderPort and WineDirect. If you are interested in getting started with Bottle360, visit https://bottlethreesixty.com/ to schedule a software demo or book a phone consultation. 

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